STEPS staff


 Alexander Hinchliffe

A lot of it is about listening.

After my PhD, I fell into researcher development. Since then I’ve found it a really rewarding area to work in because I enjoy seeing individuals develop their skills.

It is my job to get more engagement from postgraduate researchers in our faculty and beyond and to find out what they think about the training and services that are available to them, so that my team (EPS Graduate & Researcher Development Team) can get better at supporting them.

My role is really varied, I support the trainers in my team by organising training events and manage all the promotional content associated with that, as well as finding and signposting other opportunities.


Alys Kay

The flexibility of my role is invigorating (also at times exasperating!), I am lucky to have a job which enables me to help people with issues that matter to them.

I have been working at the University as an Online Development Officer (within the EPS Graduate & Researcher Development Team) since July 2008. Much of my career path has been around the design and development of on and off line content; video and photography.

Previously, I did a stint in the NHS – which was enlightening – I have also worked for management consultancies, and web development companies. I also freelance on a wide range of creative projects.

I like working with postgraduate and early career researchers, because they are passionate about what they do. I especially enjoy helping researchers to communicate their work  because I see how interesting and important their research is.

One minute I might be working on a communication workshop, the next designing a poster or flyer to promote an event or helping to script and film a video abstract.