Postgraduate Summer Research Showcase 2015

Friday 5th June 2015: 1030-1500

Whitworth Hall and Christies Bistro


The Postgraduate Summer Research Showcase (PSRS) is a unique forum for interdisciplinary connections across the University of Manchester. It brings 200 Postgraduate Researchers from across the University together to present their research before academics, fellow students, and even contacts from the business and the local community.

One of the primary aims of PSRS is to help develop the skills of our researchers and create strong researchers of tomorrow. By bring the experience of a large conference here to Manchester, PSRS gives researchers to practise their presentation skills in a familiar environment, and researchers will be provided with feedback on their poster presentation. There are also £150 prizes for the best poster presentations from each faculty (EPS, MHS, FLS, and HUM).

If you are a PhD student at any point in your PhD, PSRS is a great chance to get thoughts and ideas on your initial ideas, discuss your preliminary findings or even present final results. In short, PSRS is great opportunity for everyone!

Submit your 150 word poster abstract online here

***DEADLINE for abstracts: Friday 15th June 2015***

If you have any questions, please email


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