PhD Snapshot

PhD Snapshots: The Winners

We had over 500 votes in our PhD Snapshot competition and we can now announce our winner and runner-up (insert drum roll)…


Daniel Torchia – PhD student in the Manchester Business School.










You can read more about Daniel’s research and this image here.

Runner Up

Gracie Lu – PhD student in the school of Education

You, and your realisation

You, and your realisation








Congratulations to both and thank you to everyone who entered. We were overwhelmed with the response and the quality of all entries. As we said previously, it was great to see how you work (messily), where you work (campus – and beyond) and what you are working on (clever stuff).

Just because the competition is over doesn’t mean you can’t still submit a snapshot. We are keen for you to keep illustrating life as a PhD in Manchester so please feel free to submit your images for inclusion on the blog. Emails are accepted at any time



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