PhD Snapshot

PhD Snapshot: The Finalists

Drum roll please….

The STEPS bloggers have voted and are pleased to announce the short-listed entries in the PhD Snapshot competition.

We really enjoyed all of the entries so a HUGE thank you to all those who took the time to enter. It was great to see how you work (messily), where you work (campus – and beyond) and what you are working on (clever stuff).

Have a look at the finalists below and click on the image to read the description:


Now vote for your favourite HERE. Simply choose your favourite image and save your vote.

You have until March 13 to vote.

The winner will receive a £75 Amazon voucher. Runner-up will get £25. So use your vote wisely.

Just because the competition is over doesn’t mean you can’t still submit a snapshot. We are keen for you to keep illustrating life as a PhD in Manchester so please feel free to submit your images for inclusion on the blog. Emails are accepted at any time








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